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TENDREL - Harmonious integration and interdependence

T – Think

E – Explore

N – Navigate

D – Derive

R – Rationalize

E – Express

L – Learn

Tendrel / Tenching Drelwa (རྟེན་ཅིང་འབྲེལ་བ།) is a classical Tibetan and Dzongkha word that describes interdependence and how things are connected and related to each other. Ten means depend and Drel means connection, relationship and interaction.

This platform is a joint initiative of the National Council of Bhutan and UNDP and it is all about consulting and involving the public towards decision making. As indicated by the name ‘Tendrel’ (interdependence, integration, connection and interaction) this platform will crowdsource the ideas and information collaboratively by depending on each other.

All the governance agencies such as the legislature, judiciary, executive, constitutional bodies, media, and public are interdependent and ought to derive interconnectedness in maintaining good relationship and collectively endeavor towards realizing the goals of nation.

The National Council as the highest legislative institution and review body, public views, comments, and feedbacks are indispensable for enacting good laws and reviewing pertinent policy issues. This platform will serve as a forum for engagement between the Government Agencies and the general public. To auspicate this union and engagement of public, the platform has been named ‘Ten - drel’.