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About Us

This is the Citizen Engagement Platform developed by the Parliament of Bhutan with support from UNDP. It aims to facilitate active participation of citizens in the lawmaking and policy review process.

As your elected representatives, the parliament seeks to understand public perspectives and incorporate them in their work. This platform enables citizens to provide their input and engage directly with the parliament through:

  1. Commenting on draft laws and policies published on this website. Share your opinions on bills and acts at various stages of review. Your feedback will help shape these legislation before they are passed.
  2. Sending in suggestions and feedback via the proposal feature on the platform. Send them in and once the proposal gets enough support, the relevant parliamentary committees will review and consider them.
  3. Participating in online surveys and discussions. Take part in surveys on current issues and join discussions on laws and policies on the discussion forum. Make your perspectives heard.

The parliament believes that citizen participation is crucial for good governance and crafting of effective laws and policies. Your voices and opinions matter in shaping our society and nation. This platform moves us closer to achieving our shared vision of a prosperous and happy Bhutan.

We encourage you to freely and respectfully share your thoughts on this platform. Together, let us build a just, harmonious and prosperous Bhutan.

Log on to www.citizengagement.bt and make your voice heard! Shape the future of our nation.